How to Encrypt Text Files using Notepad++

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How to Encrypt Text Files Notepad: Hi there, today we can know how to encrypt in text files using notepad++. Making this easily seeing the browser and you sort download with this you just visit the browse. Sort the download notepad ++ select the first url that appears to get here for the official web site.

When you have a 64-bit PC, You need to all to download these started a bit installer click on with it when it’s completed it can be checking the installation really is easy then click on OK. How to Encrypt Text Files using NotepadAfter that I agree next install it will install within just one minute and they finish in order to view it may be showed right here.

Now we can learn how to encrypt so that you go to plugins and you view the option your plug-in manager show plugin manager ok. How to Encrypt in Text Files using NotepadIt is possible to get to a section into then because we need to download the encrypt plugin, yes there it’s very only select it to install you may do a yes or even a no right here.

However I alright now I’ll do one now it’s downloading the plug-in notepad must be restarted yes.

okay so you’re a plug-in have been installed when you include your plug-in app crypt you will see, making this the plug-in over you are now suppose I wish to encrypt some of my files for instance I get a easy core that is written over your XML file.

What exactly I have to do on this is where We have this fire right here I’ll choose the entire file or the amount of a section you need to encrypt just get to plugins app crypt encrypt enter in the password I shall enter computer ok. how to encrypt files in windows 10You need to confirm computer again there the thing is your file have been encrypted notepad decryption is again as easy as this you will be to a control plugins encrypt decrypt password is computer and open there the thing is that the file is now back.

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