Windows Spotlight Quiz

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Windows spotlight quiz is a great app available from Microsoft to the Windows 10. Spotlight easily get a new image on the user’s lock screen. The many images are sourced from Bing Images and adjusted every day. The service helps make the Windows 10 Lock Screen more useful through showing wonderful, high-quality photographs of exotic locations around the world.

Windows Spotlight Quiz

Windows Spotlight comes with tips and tricks to get your Windows OS, can make suggestions using the user’s profile, and shares fun information about the image getting shown. Sometimes, you’ll go for a fun quiz it is easy to take! This is known as the Windows Spotlight Quiz.

Windows Spotlight Quiz


When I stated earlier, the Windows Spotlight Quiz is often a cool feature that many individuals will simply be given randomly. It doesn’t appear any time you sign in to your computer. Instead, what happens if you get fun information about the location shown, sometimes helpful Windows tricks and tips can have up, in addition, on event, you’ll have this fun trivia question! That quizzes includes a multiple-choice question about this day’s Windows Spotlight image. Following answering, Windows can provide a Bing web search with types of fun information about that location. This selection wants access to the internet from good ISP’s for example Comcast Xfinity to operate appropriately.

How to Get Windows Spotlight Images

1. Open File Explorer on your computer.

  • Press the Start Button
  • Click on for the next icon within the Start Button. The following icon may be like a notepad having a folded part. (Documents Icon)

2. When the File Explorer windows opens, copy and paste the url down below in to the URL bar. If launched using the methods above, the URL bar may possess -> The following PC -> Documents coded in it.

  • %localappdata%\Packages\Microsoft.Windows.ContentDeliveryManager_cw5n1h2txyewy\LocalState\Assets test your smarts weekly quiz
  • The latest directory will open from the File Explorer windows. This folder location stores all image property searched by the Windows Articles Supply System. Not every images on this directory are Windows Spotlight Images. We can have to follow additional methods to learn which images will be the Windows Spotlight Images.
  • Select the “Home” tab at the top of the File Explorer window. This Ribbon Tollbar need to seem.
  • One more section of the Ribbon Bar is “Select“. On this section is surely an option which says “Select All“. Press that button.
  • Now, press the button which says “Copy“.
  • Select the “Desktop” button under “Quick Access” from the left-hand navigation pane.
  • Select the “Home” tab again.
  • When the Ribbon bar seems, find the icon which says “New Folder” and presses it.
  • A new folder can be created. Name the following folder “pics“.
  • Open up this folder, select the Home tab, then click “Paste“. The contents of the Windows Content Delivery folder can be paste here. We can work with this folder to simply locate the images and rename them like a set process. Each file will need the “.jpg” extension appended for the end from the file. This is a hard method to rename each one image individually. Rather, we can work with the command line to get this done for people.
  • Select the “Start Button“.
  • Type CMD in your keyboard. The Windows Search displays an application known as “Command Prompt“. Select that application to file for it.
  • A black windows can look with a few text. On this windows type CD %userprofile%\Desktop\pics. The following command will give you on the folder that people just copied the Windows resource files to. To verify that, type DIR and press come back. This files names of these resources needs to be listed in your window.
  • Now, type Ren *.* *.jpg on the command windows and press enter. All the files inside this folder will quickly possess the .jpg file extension appended after every file name. Windows Spotlight
  • Now it is possible to search through these files quickly, open up them, and save the images you would like.

You may have seen that all the files because folder we created are displayed as you large listing. It’s difficult to inform that image is that without having to open every one. Let’s create these files show their preview thumbnails, and then to try this, we have now the last list of recommendations for you. Don’t be concerned, it’s just one or two steps.

  • Open up the “Pics” folder on your desktop that people created in one more instruction fixed.
  • Click on the “View” tab on top of the File Explorer windows.
  • Find the button which says “Extra Large Icons” and click it. Windows Spotlight Quiz

You now will simply be able to see that image is often a Spotlight image and which picture isn’t provided by the file explorer windows and never have to open every image.

How to Enable Windows Spotlight

Enabling Windows Spotlight is very simple! All you have to do is improve your Lock Screen background with your personal settings. To begin this, continue with the methods listed below.

  1. Click on the Start Button.
  2. Click the Gear Icon over from the Start Button with the Start Menu when it seems.
  3. Click on for Customization.
  4. In the left-hand navigation menu, select Lock Screen.
  5. On this menu, you will notice a drop-down menu within Background. Choose Windows Spotlight on this drop-down menu.

That’s it! Windows Spotlight is already enabled in your Lock Screen. Any time you turn on your computer or lock your pc, you will note these fantastically great images by Microsoft.

How to Disable Windows Spotlight

You might like to disable Windows Spotlight for several causes. Possibly it isn’t working correctly, otherwise you choose to use a image of your loved ones when your lock screen background. Fortunately, disabling Windows Spotlight can be simple as enabling it. Continue with the similar methods on top of, however this time choose Image or Slide show in this drop-down box. Right after choosing one of them alternatives, it is possible to manage that image, or number of images if you’ve selected the slide show option, displays in your Lock Screen under this setting.

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