How to Set Windows Spotlight Images as Desktop Background

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How to Set Windows Spotlight Images as Desktop Background –  Windows spotlight automatically downloads beautiful photos from Bing. The images are from numerous places. Many individuals really like the photos from windows spotlight quiz. They want to utilize them as desktop background on their Windows PC / Laptop or Mac. Windows Spotlight ImagesEssentially, the Windows Spotlight Images are kept in the program folder. But it is possible to accessibility it and conserve it to another place. Unfortunately, the default images file format is not really the most popular image formats. You have to change it towards the jpg file format. Read also: How to Remove Windows Spotlight Ads

How to Set Windows Spotlight Images as Desktop Background in Windows 10

Once you change the structure from the images to jpg you can use it for desktop background. Below is the total manual on how to set windows spotlight wallpaper as desktop background:

  • Conserve the windows spotlight images. Study regarding how to download windows spotlight images or use the appearance downloader app.
  • Place it on a single folder. In this example, we place it on ‘/Desktop/Pics’. Windows Spotlight Wallpaper
  • Correct simply click on your PC desktop.
  • Simply click Personalize.
  • On the left Menus, simply click Background settings. Slideshow Background
  • In the midst of the display screen pick Slideshow.
  • Move down and click the search buttons
  • On the file web browser, point to the folder we created in step 2 (within this example we use ‘/Desktop/pics’ folder. Pics Folder
  • Click on the Select this folder buttons
  • Complete

That’s it! It is so easy to use the Windows Spotlight Images as a desktop background.

How to Set Desktop Background to Default Settings

Perhaps you unhappy with Windows spotlight Images, and desire to get back to the go into default configurations. The method to get to the default desktop background is simple. Carry out the very same step above, but modify the folder places to ‘C: /Windows/Web’ folder. This is the default Windows 10 desktop background images place. Comments under if you facing any problems concerning how to use Windows spotlight Images as desktop background images.

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