How to Remove Duplicate Lines with Notepad++

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How to Remove Duplicate Lines with Notepad: Thanks for visiting one other notepad + + guide so these days Let me provide you with how you can remove duplicate lines with notepad ++ you are too ready let’s get started.

How to Remove the Duplicate Line with Notepad

In fact for you to remove duplicate lines you will have 2 options the first is using plugin, I really may go to my plugins menu then show the plugin manager and then in the list of offered plugins known as select text FX, check your box and install it. I need to restart my so good path bus or click on yes. How to Remove Duplicate Lines with NotepadSo following restarting you will see new menu has appeared which known as text effects. I will visit the menu and so the text effect tool. You really without the 2 options type ascending and type output orally unique lines are checked after you select your text using for instance shortcut ctrl-a then a turn back the your text effects menu text effects tools. Now you select short lines to get sensitively as you can tell how the line which has the term hello how are things may be removed as they were duplicated okay. Remove Duplicate Lines with Notepad

How to Remove Duplicate With Notepad

The 2nd way in which we are able to me is really to make use of regular expressions. Making this my primary text as you can tell we’ve three duplicate nodes here hello how’s it going within the first line as well as in the 3rd line as well as in the 5th line. So to be able to remove these duplicate lines. I’ll go this time around to my search menu then replace and interpolate stay in the show determine what I must paste this expression here ok. linux remove duplicate lines from fileWe make sure that the field replaced with is blank and also we have to make sure that regular expression is chosen and the checkbox matches your line is checked then I hit replace all.

Then I close as you can see the duplicate lines has been removed. This is very useful if you want to remove blank lines using regular expressions as always I hope it has been informative for you and I want to thank you.

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